Claudia Garner


Claudia Garner has been a professional horsewoman for over 35 years. She is licensed in her native Germany as a trainer and instructor (Bereiter FN) and as a judge for horse shows in all disciplines. She has been instructing riders and horse owners in Europe, North America, Africa and Australia.

She came to the US in 1986 and has been training horses primarily in dressage through all levels at her own Horrell Hill Dressage Center near Columbia, SC. She has been certified in the US as an instructor through ARIA and has been a recorded dressage judge.  

In 2001 she embarked on the path of barefoot hoof care, enrolled in a Professional Hoofcare training program in 2003 and graduated after a year of studies. Horrell Hill Dressage Center was changed into a Hoof Clinic where horses could come to be trimmed and heal from navicular syndrome, founder and many undiagnosed mystery lameness.

In her quest to share the accumulated knowledge with other horse enthusiasts, Claudia has developed an on-line holistic hoofcare course. She is enthusiastic about the promise to share her knowledge with all horse lovers.

In the third year of holding the strings at Equine Soundness and being the principal instructor, Claudia closed the Hoof Clinic and kept horses just for the students to practice their trim skills.

In 2013 she started to become a distributor for Stance Equine products in the US, transferred the responsibility for the school to Carola Adolf, a long time trusted friend, and stayed on as technical advisor for Equine Soundness.

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